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New Beginnings | January 2023

By Julie Horner and Mary Andersen

2023 ushers in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit embodying calm, fluidity, and contemplation. Looking forward, we’re encouraged to develop a list of “resolutions” to be better people. It’s when we promise ourselves we’ll improve our health routines, declutter our living spaces, and find ways to be more efficient in our daily lives. We manifest the improved self and purposefully address how we can more thoughtfully interface with the world, seeing new beginnings in a clearer light as the New Year unfolds. 

Don’t let any more time slip away waiting for some day. Sign up for a Rumba class or learn how to play a musical instrument. Start that new business. Cook more meals at home following the recipes that food writer Alison Steele so thoughtfully composes. Add a weekly walk at Henry Cowell or explore new trails at San Vicente Preserve. Reverently consider what is more beneficial for you moving into the New Year with joy and renewed energy.  

Our January issue hopes to inspire with an expanded calendar of interesting things to do. And we offer a look at where the CZU fire families are today, what challenges they are encountering, and where there is hope for new solutions. Wishing you the very best in 2023.

Featured photo: 2023 blew in with quite the atmospheric river storm! River banks overflowed and evacuations were announced. Pictured here, Shingle Mill Creek in Felton. (Photo by Mary Andersen)

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