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Creating a Community Forum Requires SLV to ‘Choose Our Own Adventure’

By Jayme Ackemann Last month, I asked you to consider whether a Community Council (or forum) would help San Lorenzo Valley navigate tough conversations and policy decisions. This month I will tell you how to establish one and what a Community Council might do. A forum would function something like a city council — something we lack in the San… Read More
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Greenway’s Measure D Represents More Delays and Deception for Santa Cruz County Voters

By Jayme Ackemann I’m supporting No on Measure D. If you frequent this space, you’re probably already clear that this column has a point of view. Each month I voluntarily break down some of the complicated infrastructure challenges we are facing in the San Lorenzo Valley. The campaign to oppose Greenway’s Measure D kicked off in April with a speech… Read More
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An Interview with Congressional Candidate Rishi Kumar

By Chris Finnie When interviewing candidates for any office, my first question is always why they’re running. Why I’m running Mr. Kumar’s answer was simple, he feels the district needs more progressive representation and somebody who understands today’s technology. He also believes that the post COVID-19 world needs an energetic and innovative approach. Mr. Kumar identified a lot of priorities… Read More