China Cats Berkeley Entertainment Music 

China Cats Magic!

By Michele Murphy The magic happens on stages and dance floors where Santa Cruz’s favorite Grateful Dead tribute band plays to reveling, twirling, cavorting fans.  What makes these cats different? For starters, they seem to have more than the usual allotted nine lives. This improvisational partnership between the same five members has been delighting “deadicated” dancers and toe-tappers alike for… Read More
Bluegrass Festival BanjerDan Entertainment Music 

Never Lose Sight of Those Little Red Lights: The Brookdale Bluegrass Festival Born at the Brookdale Lodge

By Dan Mazer with Julie Horner The 27th Annual Brookdale Bluegrass Festival was scheduled for the weekend of April 17th-19th, 2020, but it was one of the first events to be cancelled due to the pandemic. As one of the scheduled performers, it hurt my heart to miss one of my favorite events, which used to take place at the… Read More
roaring camp felton music hall dark star orchestra Entertainment Festivals Music 

Dark Star Orchestra at Roaring Camp

By Larry Stumpers May 10, 2021 Smiles! That’s what’s been missing in the masked-up year. And there were smiles galore at this past weekend’s outdoor concert at Roaring Camp in Felton. The crowd was jubilant, dancing, grooving to the renowned Grateful Dead cover band Dark Star Orchestra (DSO). Attendees were assigned a “pod” made out of four short stakes with… Read More
The Goat Hill Girls Bluegrass Band Entertainment Music 

Henry! They’re All Girls! Pickin’ and Grinnin’ with The Goat Hill Girls Bluegrass Band

By Julie Horner The Goat Hill Girls are five longtime friends who have been making music together for over 40 years. They started out as Side Saddle, born in the Bay Area and breaking from the all-male bluegrass tradition. Back in the day some of their guys were in an outfit called The Bear Creek Boys. The girls said, “You… Read More
Off the Lip Creator Neil Pearlberg works at the Boardroom. Photo by George T. Zafares Column: Julie Horner Entertainment Music 

Livestream Revolution: Neil Pearlberg Hosts Music in the Streets

The name of the show rolled right off Pearlberg’s tongue: “Off the Lip.” The term is used by surfers and skateboarders alike. The skateboarding trick involves balancing the back truck of the skateboard over the edge of the ramp, or “the lip;” surfers pivot their boards off the powerful top part of a breaking wave, also called “the lip,” and... Read More