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A Toast to the Irish Stout! Sláinte!

Catching up with Emily Thomas of Santa Cruz Mountains Brewing By Greg Roe and Mike Desmidt March is brimming with reasons to celebrate: Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day! Ireland also celebrates the legend of Saint Brigid the Patron Saint of Beer and Brewing. The stories say she was working at a leper colony, and to… Read More
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Alison Steele: Recipes from a Mountain Garden

New columnist alert! Alison Steele is on deck bringing us delicious home cooking inspired by her Boulder Creek organic garden. A Virginia transplant from 2003, Alison lives with her husband, two children, and cat in downtown Boulder Creek where she raises quail, chickens, fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. On the weekends she teaches reskilling workshops in her garden including knitting,… Read More
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Foraged Wild Mushrooms: A Conversation with Bob Wynn

By Julie Horner Lompico’s beloved mushroom gastronomist, Bob Wynn said, “Typically right now I would be knee deep in mushrooms getting ready for the Fungus Faire.” If not for the pandemic, the 47th annual Fungus Fair would have taken place the second weekend in January at the Louden Nelson Community Center in Santa Cruz. Wynn presented cooking demonstrations and sold… Read More
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Glogg and Pebernodder

By Marielle Martin Traditional Scandinavian Christmas Fare  Since ancient times, Scandinavian midwinter celebrations have centered around Norse and Pagan rituals of bringing warmth, joy, and light to the community to counter the darkness and cold of the season. Once Christianity was established in the region in the 11th century those traditions began to be called Christmas, but many practices continued.  … Read More