Cherokee Trail of Tears bean soup Column Alison Steele Columns Food & Drink 

Cherokee Trail of Tears Bean Soup with Scarlet Kale & Winter Herbs

By Alison Steele I throw on a sweater and stroll along the garden path for a fresh start to the day. My former convention garden layout of rectangles and rows is transforming. Winter time is prime for garden rearranging, bed resting, thinking, and reconfiguration. Meandering paths of fruit trees and winter greens tucked amongst the purple pincushions are becoming my… Read More
dark chocolate fig pudding Column Alison Steele Columns Food & Drink 

Dark Chocolate Desert Queen Fig Pudding

By Alison Steele Every August we return to Boulder Creek from Virginia summers to find sunflower forests, magic beans, and mysterious squash entangled in what seems like an enchanted garden from a childhood storybook. Spent pea shoots are cleared away to reveal jewel toned beets and carrots ready for harvesting. The jostaberries are sundried on the branches with a curious… Read More
pastured eggs wilted greens and sourdough Column Alison Steele Columns Food & Drink 

Pastured Egg & Wilted Sorrel atop Toasted Sourdough

By Alison Steele Eggs on toast with wilted greens is a combination older than the hills enjoyed by folks and farmers everywhere. I heard KBCZ’s Tina Davey raving about toast on the radio stacked with eggs and avocado as a quick nutritious meal while stocking the camper with goodies for our spring campout. Erin Valdivia, bread baker extraordinaire and cohost… Read More
chicken pot pie Column Alison Steele Columns Food & Drink 

Winter Pot Pie with Drop Biscuit Blanket

By Alison Steele We find ourselves in our dark cozy homes even as the sun slowly returns. Garden greens thrive in the morning frost and root vegetables are protected below ground. The pantry is stocked with pickled vegetables and fruits from the summer. Good meat is readily available at our local markets, and friends share their fishing and hunting abundance.… Read More
Chanterelles figs garlic wine Column Alison Steele Columns Food & Drink 

Chanterelles with Roasted Garlic & Fig

By Alison Steele Barter is big amongst the gardeners, foragers, beekeepers, artisans, and musicians here. We’ve already embraced the fact that we need each other, especially in the wintertime when pockets of sunlight are few and far between. In order to vibrate on a higher level and keep our hives warm we must rely on winter bearing fruit trees like… Read More