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By Julie Horner and Mary Andersen The still of winter is a conscious thing. In the lee of Ben Lomond Mountain shadows are resolute, the treetops shrouded in mist. Crisp walks beneath dripping boughs bolster the imagination, and there is much to look forward to as we enter this new year. Each of us has a chance with this symbolic… Read More
CZU Fire remembrance Cheyanne Valera Local News Welcome 

Editorial: Coming Together One Year Later for a CZU Community Remembrance

By Julie Horner After days of unnaturally scorching heat, mountain residents found themselves awakened pre-dawn by a ferocious wind. Suddenly the sky was alight, and the sound of thunder heralded an odd stillness. Some rushed outside with their children to watch the lightning. Others slept through the display. The National Weather Service estimated there were some 2,500 lightning strikes in… Read More
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Summer in Full Swing

By Julie Horner July 1, 2021 The Santa Cruz Mountains are vibrant with birdsong and the sounds of human endeavoring; warm days, windows flung wide, followed by foggy nights, the Big Dipper dancing in and out of view among winking stars in a silent forest. The air is fresh, the breeze is gentle. From everywhere music flows. Gratitude to be… Read More
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No More Tiers

By Mary Andersen and Julie Horner| June 1, 2021 By June 15, 2021, physical distancing mandates and capacity limitations will be lifted. Face coverings and travel restrictions will be dropped. Like one door closing and another opening, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, regroup, reassign our energy, and redeploy. The next chapter includes hugs and laughter, things we took… Read More
Headlong into Spring Columnists Welcome 

April 2021 Headlong into Spring

By Julie Horner As Santa Cruz County moves into the orange tier of California’s blueprint for reopening in the now yearlong fight against the novel coronavirus, every move we make as a community must be determined and focused. It’s been messy. Here is where continued conscientious conduct will pull us through this incredible moment in history. Pop-up gathering places, wineries,… Read More