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How Do We Talk About Water in the San Lorenzo Valley?

By Jayme Ackemann The United States has been failing to maintain its roads, bridges, and utilities for decades. A report known as the “Infrastructure Report Card” tracks the state of the nation’s disrepair and rates it. Last year we got a C-minus. California’s water and roadways are barely passing with Cs and Ds. This isn’t a surprise to anyone living… Read More
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Measure D Fails

By Mary Andersen The hotly debated Measure D Greenway Initiative sits at 8580 “yes” votes and 21,021 “no” this morning. Votes will continue to be counted throughout the week with a final certification in early July. But these early results bode well for Roaring Camp Railroads and CEO Melani Clark who initiated the building of a geographically and politically broad… Read More
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Fern Fire Recap

On Monday, May 30 around 5:00 pm Cal Fire reported a vegetation fire in the hills above Fern Drive north of downtown Boulder Creek and west of Highway 9. The fire was reported to be a quarter acre and slow-moving with favorable wind conditions. One helicopter, two air tankers and a spotter plane were dispatched. Ground crews at that time… Read More
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Fire Sprinkler Code is the New Geology for Fire Victims

By Antonia Bradford It is no secret that the path to recovery for the fire families of the 2020 CZU Lightning Complex event has been difficult, expensive, and painful. The battles with the County of Santa Cruz regarding geology and septic have been well documented in the press with Board of Supervisors meetings packed and intense with public outcry. Through… Read More
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The Long Road to Lompico – Lois Henry Retires From SLV Water District’s Board

By Jayme Ackemann My colleague and new friend Lois Henry is retiring from public service. Her term on the Water District Board began in 2018 but her story starts years before the road to Lompico was paved. Lois and Les Henry settled their family in San Lorenzo Valley’s Lompico Canyon community more than 50 years ago. They built their home… Read More
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Greenway’s Measure D Represents More Delays and Deception for Santa Cruz County Voters

By Jayme Ackemann I’m supporting No on Measure D. If you frequent this space, you’re probably already clear that this column has a point of view. Each month I voluntarily break down some of the complicated infrastructure challenges we are facing in the San Lorenzo Valley. The campaign to oppose Greenway’s Measure D kicked off in April with a speech… Read More
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Stagecraft: NextStage Productions Presents Theater for the Community

By Julie Horner The curtain parts and a crescendo of applause fades to an expectant hush as the orchestra strikes its first strains. The actor’s heart leaps to the limelight. Santa Cruz County is home to unending community spirit, unlimited talent, and plenty of uncommon expression. To celebrate the return of live theater, NextStage Productions is excited to share what’s… Read More