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Commentary: Reimagining Big Basin Project Stakeholder Recommendations

By Jesus Beltran To: Will Fourt, Senior Project Planner, Reimagining Big Basin Project Hi Will, My name is Jesus Beltran and I have lived a few miles from the old Big Basin Redwoods State Park headquarters since 2017. I used to visit the Park on an almost weekly basis, logging hundreds of miles on its fire roads on my mountain… Read More
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Commentary: A Day in the Life of a Public School Teacher in Santa Cruz County During COVID – The New Normal

Dear Old Normal, I miss the comfort you brought me knowing my days would follow a usual schedule in a predictable fashion. And while I know change is the only certain thing, I did appreciate all the stability, predictability, and consistent planning you allowed me as a teacher when times were normal.  I understand we may not be seeing you… Read More
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Why are So Many Frustrated with Local Government?

By Jayme Ackemann Stay with me. I promise to end this on a hopeful note. You probably overheard similar sentiments at holiday parties and family gatherings this past year – people groaning at any mention of Congress or scoffing at the ineptitude of local policy makers. Apathy is an adversary that we will need to expel in 2022 – there… Read More
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Letter: For Fire Recovery SLV Community Council an Idea Worth Considering

By Bob Fultz By now you may have heard about a proposal to create an SLV Community Council, first introduced in the SLV Post on July 1, 2021. Regardless of the merits of the proposal and irrespective of your position on it, we should all support the importance of creativity and innovative “out-of-the-box” thinking about how to facilitate rebuilding in… Read More
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Commentary: Examine the SLV Water District’s Finances when Deciding How to Vote on the Surcharge

By Bob Fultz I’m a member of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District Board of Directors, but I’m speaking only for myself in this letter. As someone who has had a professional career in technology strategic planning and finance, where we constantly look for the critical items that move an organization forward, the first step in that journey is understanding… Read More
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Letter: Scotts Valley / SLV Water District Proposal

To the Editor: The proposed consolidation of the Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo Valley Water Districts (SLVWD) has generated a lot of excellent comments and questions from our community, particularly at the SLVWD Board meeting held on Feb. 4th and attended by almost 100 SLVWD residents.    As a current SLVWD Director, I’m speaking for myself in this letter—I’m not speaking… Read More

Important Information for Residents Looking to Rebuild in the CZU Fire Zone

By Becky Steinbruner Greetings,  I received an update from the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) weekly free newsletter regarding action the California State Board of Forestry took on Tuesday December 22 to move forward on restricting building in the rural and urban interface areas. The matter was continued to January 19 and 20, the later being a hearing before… Read More