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September Astrology: Gifts of Love and Self-Expression

By Catie Cadge PhD Autumn is upon us, Santa Cruz County stargazers! The month starts off with six planets retrograde, appearing to move backward in the sky. Personal growth and inner processing are in a reflective mode now. By September 3rd, Venus moves direct at 12°12’ Leo, while Jupiter joins the retrograde planetary party the next day, September 4th, at… Read More
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The Case for Energy Healing

By Luke Allis The Santa Cruz Mountains are no stranger to alternative health practices. The connection between energy healing and physical health has been widely studied and is well documented. You can find numerous peer-reviewed studies that show that spiritual and meditative practices can lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, which can lead to improved physical health and decrease… Read More
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Gardening: In Praise of Spreaders, Fillers, and Colonizers

By Josh Reilly Some garden plants are a bit weedy. Indelicate and misbehaved, they sometimes “don’t play well with others.” Some of them will crowd and shade out other garden favorites. Native plant enthusiasts fear more catastrophic, apocalyptic outcomes, and in several notable cases, they are right. Miles of California riparian corridors are now choked with English Ivy, (Hedera sp).… Read More
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Real Estate Update | Water and Waste Treatment Systems in Trouble in Boulder Creek

By M.C. Dwyer For about the last 5 years, Big Basin Water Company (BBWC), which serves around 500-600 customers, has regularly run out of resources to operate properly. The company, owned by Jim and Shirley Moore, is the definition of a mom and pop outfit, complete with their son as Chief Operator. Sources including the Moores, say they fell behind… Read More
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Celebrating Craft Beer from The Pintly Perspective

By Julie Horner KBCZ 89.3 FM, the Santa Cruz Mountains’ own community radio station, highlights the art of craft brewing on The Pintly Perspective, airing Fridays from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Husband and wife team, Brian and Erin Valdivia host the engaging hour long show sipping offerings from mostly local breweries and exchanging lighthearted banter while they examine fermented flavor… Read More