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Glogg and Pebernodder

By Marielle Martin Traditional Scandinavian Christmas Fare  Since ancient times, Scandinavian midwinter celebrations have centered around Norse and Pagan rituals of bringing warmth, joy, and light to the community to counter the darkness and cold of the season. Once Christianity was established in the region in the 11th century those traditions began to be called Christmas, but many practices continued.  … Read More
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Barefoot on the Crooked Path: Yule

By Melinda McNutt, Seanchaidh Yule or Winter Solstice: the shortest day/the longest night of the year usually arrives in our Northern Hemisphere December 21st or 22nd. Granny was clan matriarch. We’d gather around her hearth, light candles from the Yule log, feast, sing, tell stories, and hold vigil for Great Mother as she labored through the darkness. On Bay leaves… Read More