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New Breeds in the Garden

By Josh Reilly Gardeners are always looking for something new. Plant breeders want to stand out from the competition and step away from the past. New hybrids, cultivars, selections, and subspecies are arriving on the market in waves looking for acceptance and new homes. Many new arrivals sport blossoms with new colors and cute names, but are otherwise indistinguishable from… Read More
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TEDxSanta Cruz Inspires Community Solutions and Solidarity

By Haley Sage On Saturday, April 13 the Crocker Theater at Cabrillo College hosted TEDxSanta Cruz, a world-renown symposium featuring 22 local speakers along with musical performances, dance ensembles, food, and more. To say the event was impressive is a vast understatement: TEDxSanta Cruz firmly put Santa Cruz on the map as a place to represent both the spirit of… Read More