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Ben Lomond Gardener: Nip and Tuck for the New Year

On December 21, the Winter Solstice, we rounded the corner at the wintery end of the year’s ellipse. After this most sacred of all garden holy days, the hours of sunlight begin to increase again, as the Northern Hemisphere starts tilting back towards the sun. Meanwhile, the winter garden is a cool, calm, relaxing place. The bones (roots, branches and... Read More
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Local Treasures Preserved: Update on the Boulder Creek Library Renovation

Renovation at the Boulder Creek Library is underway. The library temporarily closed in March, 2020 for a much needed upgrade using Measure S funds, but the project was stalled by contractor bidding issues, the pandemic, and then the fire. Santa Cruz Public Libraries Regional Manager, Laura Whaley, said, “It took so long to get to this point.” Read More
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County Board of Education Addresses Governor Newsom’s Safe Schools for All Plan

The county's collective district superintendents released a press statement this week providing an update on their alignment with Governor Gavin Newsom's Safe Schools for All Plan. Takeaways include support for financial incentives for elementary schools to open in hybrid format and a stance that Newsom's requirement for weekly testing would be neither feasible nor necessary in Santa Cruz County. Read More