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A History of Scotts Valley Water

By Randall Brown August 1958. The Scotts Valley Barn was practically empty on the night the residents were invited to learn about the upcoming water election. Engineers, county officials’ consultants, and public-relations men nearly outnumbered the ten interested citizens. There would be one question on the ballot, according to a spokesman: “Do you wish to buy a reserve water supply… Read More
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The Ghost Train and Hidden Tunnels in the Santa Cruz Mountains

The story of the South Pacific Railroad is a tale of a colossal feat doomed to fail. The portion of the short-lived narrow-gauge railroad that connected Los Gatos to Felton had its share of disasters, from earthquakes to epic storms to fatal accidents. But in the end, not any specific one of these tragedies killed the railroad, it was the... Read More
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History: The Movies Come to Felton

Plenty of Real Scenery for “The Primal Lure” By Randall Brown December 1915. The movie scouts needed to find a location for a Canadian Northwest story. The scenario called for forests, mountain trails, open clearings, and a river. Their instructions were clear: “No phony scenery.” They chose Felton. Carpenters quickly set to work recreating “Fort Lu Cerne,” a frontier trading… Read More