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Clampers Support the SLV Museum

By Julie Horner

San Lorenzo Valley Museum Collections and Exhibitions Curator Lisa A. Robinson and SLV Museum Executive Director Laura DeAngelis accepted a generous donation from members of E Clampus Vitus Branciforte Chapter 1797 in a ceremony at the museum on Wednesday afternoon, June 19, 2024.

Lisa Robinson displays the proclamation as museum executive director Laura DeAngelis and the Clampers look on.

The donation came from the Clampers Association of Roisterous Peddlers (C.A.R.P.), a branch of E Clampus Vitus that raises money in support of its members and the local historical community by passing a hat within the organization. Members of ECV Branciforte Chapter 1797 submitted a proposal to C.A.R.P. on behalf of the SLV Museum and was granted the funds: a check for $500 was presented to the museum. Acting Noble Grand Humbug Aaron Zalauskas read from a proclamation from C.A.R.P. CFO Dave Jensen, “Thank you and your staff for preserving local history for all to see and learn as well for our future generations.”

Clamper and Felton resident Chris Sartain then surprised the gathering by stepping forward with a matching donation of $500. “I just wanted to help out and see what my wife and my company could do, Bogner HVAC. We live right down the road, literally walking distance from the Belardi Museum, so it’s kind of second nature, preserving the history and heritage and culture. It’s something that’s important to us, something we’re really happy to be a part of. So we’d like to match that.”

Jason Vincent of Vincent Arbor Works also took the opportunity to help saying, “I would like to donate as well,” handing Lisa a second matching donation. As a group the Clampers raised their fists in the traditional gesture of approval and uttered the words “Satisfactory!”


Lisa said, “I’m overwhelmed, and to have two matching donors as well, it’s wonderful! And we knew nothing about it.” The donation will go to a specific museum project once the board of directors decides where the money will make the most impact.

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Photos by Julie Horner


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