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Letter: Fire Safety and Prevention

Dear Bruce McPherson and fellow county supervisors, I write to you today as a woman who lost her home in the CZU fire. I am a proud San Lorenzo Valley citizen who is active in her community and is committed to rebuilding her home for her family which includes five children. As I wade through the immense costs and bureaucratic… Read More
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Letter: Please Fund FireSafe Council of Santa Cruz County to Help Reduce Rural Fire Risks

Dear County Board of Supervisors, I am writing to ask that you direct the County Administrative Officer to allocate substantial revenues in the 2021-2022 Santa Cruz County Budget to provide funding for the FireSafe Council of Santa Cruz County. Your Board established the Council in 2016 but has stopped funding it. Two-thirds of Santa Cruz County lies within the Wildland Urban… Read More
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Letter: San Lorenzo Valley Water District

Re: San Lorenzo Valley Water Feb 1 Article Thank you for your careful elucidation of so many issues related to the potential for an SLV-SV Water merger. There is one issue that needs a caveat. In this statement, “Currently, the bulk of the Santa Margarita groundwater basin overdraft is borne by Scotts Valley. The San Lorenzo Valley has abundant surface… Read More
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PG&E Tree Removal without Approval

October 29, 2020  Dear Members of the Board of Supervisors, County Counsel Heath and County Administrative Officer Palacios, As your constituents and residents of Santa Cruz County and the San Lorenzo Valley and Bonny Doon, we are requesting that the Board more closely examine PG&E’s actions following the CZU fires. We are concerned that PG&E is using the fire aftermath… Read More