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How the Redwood Tree Saved a Life

By Charity Sills

I was taking care of a beautiful and deeply troubled young mother with Lyme disease. Life had become so painful that she wanted to give up. I find I am often called into such situations because I have been there myself, and fully recovered. Not only do I want to be alive now but I am enjoying it. I had many healers assist me through my darkest hours. I want to share with you why the redwoods of our mountains are to me the greatest healers of all.

Taking care of someone who is physically, emotionally, and psychologically ill is draining. As a healer I am still learning how to care for others without depleting myself. I am also still learning how to sit with their pain without internalizing it. The day before a miracle occurred, a group of yogis joined together to meditate and pray for this young mother. I have done something similar using Reiki for many years. I have always felt the light pouring out of my right hand like my great-grandfather, from whom I believe I inherited this gift. I don’t know why it was so much more powerful that Saturday morning. I suppose it is because we were collaborating. We were joining our hearts and energies together. As I put one hand on her frail leg, I felt what I can only describe as a train of energy moving through my body and into hers. I immediately had to go to sleep afterward. 

The miracle in the forest

The next day, her other caretaker couldn’t do his shift. I have never been so tired in my life. I prayed and asked the universe what to do. “I can barely walk,” I said to God. “How can I possibly do a 12-hour shift? I am depleted. Tell me what to do.’’

I heard very clearly, “Go to the redwood.”

We were in a beautiful house in the Santa Cruz Mountains surrounded by redwoods. It was a chilly morning, but I stumbled, exhausted and barefoot to the nearest tree. I put my forehead and right hand on the redwood tree and began to cry. Then I remembered a documentary I had seen that said trees have an underground web called a mycorrhizal network where they nourish each other and communicate. “Dearest redwood…please connect me to your network. I need to take care of my client, but I am too empty. Please fill me up.’’

I felt an immediate surge of energy coming from the tree into me. I felt energized and strong. I thanked the tree and I took care of my friend. She is now reunited with her children and happier than she has been for some time. 

A blessing of trees

We are so blessed to be among these trees. I have always talked to trees and I love every one of them. But our redwoods are truly something special. If you find yourself running on empty, I encourage you to ‘talk to a redwood.’ The redwood tree will talk back, with love.

Charity Sills is a Santa Cruz based author, actress, comedienne, and an uplifter of humans. Her book “5 Gallons to Empty” is available on Amazon. 

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