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Digging into Spring

By Josh Reilly There are plenty of ways to economize in the garden. Grow drought tolerant plants and water less frequently. Plant perennials, shrubs, and trees in Fall to take advantage of the rains and lower weed competition. Buy plants on the “Sale” table at your nursery or garden center. Grow plants from seed. Propagate your own plants from cuttings, seeds,… Read More
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March Gardening: Propagating, Planting, and Pruning

By Josh Reilly Might as well call it “March Madness.”  You will be busy this month if you want: Spring vegetables in your garden Healthy soil Copious Spring flowers A tidy landscape, with carefully pruned plants, clean paths, raked beds and fewer weeds Persephone is venturing out from Hades. This month, higher temperatures and longer days make your garden more… Read More