Itoh peony Column: Josh Reilly Columns Gardening 

New Breeds in the Garden

By Josh Reilly Gardeners are always looking for something new. Plant breeders want to stand out from the competition and step away from the past. New hybrids, cultivars, selections, and subspecies are arriving on the market in waves looking for acceptance and new homes. Many new arrivals sport blossoms with new colors and cute names, but are otherwise indistinguishable from… Read More
western gray tree squirrel Column: Josh Reilly Columns Gardening 

Integrated Pest Management for Tree Squirrels

By Josh Reilly Tree squirrels seem most active at this time of year. Running along perilously lofty, narrow power lines and fence tops, cheeks puffed out with food.  Balancing and bobbing on thin branches, chattering noisily when passing house cats skulk below and hawks glide above, leaping across yawning gulfs of air, in seeming defiance of the laws of physics, they… Read More
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Gathering in the Harvest at Camp Joy Gardens

By Julie Horner The comice pears have come in at Camp Joy Gardens. Windfall apples from several varieties of trees fill the air with a syrupy headiness; stalks of reddish-rose colored amaranth and fading sunflowers blaze against a cloudless blue sky; and pumpkins peek from their leafy umbrage. Towhee Nelson, daughter of Camp Joy founder Jim Nelson, grew up on… Read More
Purpletop vervain and aloe Column: Josh Reilly Columns Gardening 

Gardening: In Praise of Spreaders, Fillers, and Colonizers

By Josh Reilly Some garden plants are a bit weedy. Indelicate and misbehaved, they sometimes “don’t play well with others.” Some of them will crowd and shade out other garden favorites. Native plant enthusiasts fear more catastrophic, apocalyptic outcomes, and in several notable cases, they are right. Miles of California riparian corridors are now choked with English Ivy, (Hedera sp).… Read More