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Gifts From the Land: A Visit to Pescadero’s Pie Ranch

By Josh Reilly During the peak of the pandemic, one of the few outings my wife and I allowed ourselves, during the warmer seasons, was a Saturday or Sunday drive over the mountains, via Bonny Doon, down to Hwy 1. After stopping at Swanton Berry Farm for the best strawberries in the area, one of those trips brought us to… Read More
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Gathering in the Harvest at Camp Joy Gardens

By Julie Horner The comice pears have come in at Camp Joy Gardens. Windfall apples from several varieties of trees fill the air with a syrupy headiness; stalks of reddish-rose colored amaranth and fading sunflowers blaze against a cloudless blue sky; and pumpkins peek from their leafy umbrage. Towhee Nelson, daughter of Camp Joy founder Jim Nelson, grew up on… Read More
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June 11 Amah-Ka-Tura: First Nation Performance at Felton Library at 1:00 pm

Santa Cruz Public Libraries hosts Patrick Orozco and Amah-ka-tura, a First Nation performance that includes language, storytelling, musical instruments, dancing, singhing, traditional dress, and other features of the Ohlone culture. From the event description: Patrick Orozco began eighteen years ago sharing the knowledge of his people with school children. In his presentations to the schools, he describes our land as… Read More
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While the Winter Garden Naps: Growing Community with the Homeless Garden Project

By Josh Reilly I know, I know. Last month I chided you for thinking you could spend the Winter curled up on the couch with a glass of wine and a stack of garden catalogs, planning your Spring garden. Now, here we are, several days into a glorious extended rainstorm and, well, there is little else to do. Too wet… Read More