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Storm Watch: Rain Continues, Crews Assessing

Good news in the Santa Cruz Mountains this morning – while rain thresholds met or exceeded in some cases – no initial reports of debris flows. Fire and PGE crews are out inspecting damages. Many reports of trees and large branches in San Lorenzo Valley roadways, so take it slow out there. Visit and for traffic info. Rain to return this evening… Read More
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Evacuation Orders Issued to Areas in San Lorenzo Valley

EVACUATION ORDERS ISSUED TO AREAS IN SANTA CRUZ COUNTY WHEN: Effective Immediately WHERE: Ben Lomond Fire District (Zones: BEN-E001D, BEN-E002A, BEN-E002D, BEN-E004B) Boulder Creek Fire District (Zones: BOU-E021A, BOU-E020, BOU-E017, BOU-E016, BOU-E010, BOU-E006, BOU-E001A, BOU-E002, BOU-E033A, BOU-E038A, BOU-E031B, BOU-E030, BOU-E018A, BOU-E014, BOU- E009, BOU-E003, BOU-E001B, BOU-E015A, BOU-E039A, BOU-E040A) Felton Fire District (Zones: FEL-E002A, FEL-E003B, FEL-E003C, FEL- E004A) Santa Cruz County… Read More
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Atmospheric River Event Tues/Wed

Rain rolls through in waves approaching this week’s predicted “atmospheric river” event Tuesday into Wednesday. The wind has whipped up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and the lights are flickering this Sunday evening. Charge up your phones, get the pet carriers ready, grind your coffee beans. KBCZ 90.1 FM ( in downtown Boulder Creek will be occupying the broadcast studio… Read More
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Storm Watch: Cause for Concern in the Santa Cruz Mountains

A Midweek storm estimate is cause for concern in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Tuesday’s wind forecast looks intense as well. Strong winds and rain will impact our region beginning early this week. Rainfall amounts may exceed thresholds for debris flow evacuations near the #CZULightningComplex burn scar, and rain will be preceded by high winds likely to impact power and road… Read More
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Locals Prepare for the Pineapple Express

The upcoming storm Saturday thru Monday, January 7-9, has the potential to create quite an event in the SLV. Please try to minimize the impact to you and your family! Feel free to share this information and if you have any additions or changes, please feel free to email me at I try my best to compile the most... Read More