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Gathering In: Vocal Ensemble Zambra Releases New Album

By Julie Horner The all-women vocal ensemble Zambra has released their third album, “Gathering In,” which highlights the glory of blended female voices and celebrates a sisterhood that has lasted nearly three decades.  Zambra is composed of a tight knit group of friends: Kathryn Veditz, Janet Herman, Kathleen Loveless, Nancy Niles, Kathryn Hopkins, Connie Hernandez, Susan Krivin, Ann Louise Wagner,… Read More
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Yuji Tojo: Ben Lomond Musician Rooted Through Music and Friends

By Julie Horner “It seems like everybody is busy these days,” legendary guitar player and songwriter Yuji Tojo said. Lately, the soft spoken and introspective musician is more about trying to keep things as simple as he can.  Tojo was ready to go to Japan for a tour in 2020, but the pandemic canceled his plans. Musically everything evaporated. A… Read More
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Local Musician and Artist Bluzar Blue Releases Retrospective

By Julie Horner Longtime Santa Cruz Mountains local Bluzar Blue has released a compilation of songs, illustrations, quips, and observations in a book entitled “Bluzar Blue, In Black and White and In Color.” The book showcases 75 colored plates of his favorite artistic creations, finished and unfinished, since 1969. “I was having a hard time getting my artwork into galleries,”… Read More
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Anthony Arya Music Video Debuts at Hallcrest Vineyards

Anthony Arya’s California Air Music Video debuts at Hallcrest Vineyards in Felton on Sunday, May 8 starting with a live performance at 4:00 followed by a potluck and no-host wine bar until 8:00. The music video premiere starts at dusk. In the summer of 2021, Arya started an outdoor concert series at Hallcrest performing from the vineyard’s working 1947 Dodge… Read More
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Oganookie Reunion at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center

By Julie Horner Guitarist, piano player, and songwriter Jack Bowers talks about it like it was yesterday. “We came to Brookdale in 1970 and set up camp in a big house on the top of Western Drive with an apple orchard.” Dubbed the “Oganookie Farm,” Bowers said it was “14 musicians, a manager, and kids and women living cooperatively.”  According… Read More
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Page Brownton and The Mojo Navigators

Reformed but Unrepentant! By Michele Murphy Approaching the rustic and whimsical dwelling of local treasure Page Brownton and his lovely wife Gael, one is greeted by a magical, mythical homestead handcrafted by Brownton himself using found treasures and antiquities collected over many years. A musician, philosopher, and carpenter, Brownton has cultivated a slice of heaven in the Santa Cruz Mountains… Read More
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Absolute Surrender: Sarah “Songbird” Fishleder Releases First Album

By Julie Horner Local singer-songwriter Sarah Fishleder weaves a certain gospel, creating a testament to healing through music with her first album, After the Winter, a collection of six songs that chronicle the journey from pain to acceptance and celebrates the joy of coming into the spring. Co-produced with Elie Mabanza of Mokili Wa and recorded mostly in Nevada City… Read More