Claire Campbell Congo Threads Photography Photography 

Photography: Clare Campbell and Congo Threads

By Gale McCreary We dream of helping others in desperate poverty…Clare Campbell does it. With little more than an insatiable desire to provide opportunity to those whose lives are terribly challenged, she founded Congo Threads, a not-for-profit educational and fund-raising organization, that serves the women and children of Congo. Today two Ishara Houses provide nurturing homes for 54 orphans, plus… Read More
Community Photography 

Boulder Creek Fall Town Sweep

The Boulder Creek Business Association hosts a day of action twice a year to pull weeds, sweep sidewalks, clear gutters, and wipe down garbage cans in the historic downtown district. Called “Boulder Creek Town Sweep,” the event draws community members and local groups to lend a hand keeping this small town in the Santa Cruz Mountains sparkling. Boulder Creek photographer… Read More
Boulder Creek California Boulder Creek Photography 

Christopher Bradford Photographs Boulder Creek by Drone

Christopher Bradford is an architectural and real estate photographer as well as a licensed drone pilot who believes each shoot is an opportunity to create beautiful art. Besides shooting architecture, Christopher and his wife Antonia also work as wedding photographers, capturing beautiful images on the most important day of a couple’s relationship. Christopher lives with his wife and five children… Read More
Miguel Zafra photographer Photography 

Photography: Miguel Zafra

Miguel Zafra is an Indigenous photographer from Oaxaca, Mexico, who moved to the San Lorenzo Valley 20 years ago. He documents people and nature with a charged mixture of fine art photography and photojournalism. More recently he has focused his lens on the natural wonders of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Zafra has worked as an independent photojournalist for local publications. His photographs… Read More