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Paul Babb Lightning Photo

Our October cover features an incredible photo by Bonny Doon resident Paul Babb that was taken during the lightning storm that precipitated the CZU Lightning Complex Fire.

“I was standing on the cliff down by Shark Fin Cove taking pictures out to sea because of the lightning hitting the ocean. I turned around and looked up at the hill and saw the start of the fire. I took one picture and in that one photo the lightning bolt happened,” Paul said.

“The little orange glow in the center, with smoke moving off to the left is the start of the Warrenella Fire that started behind the Cement Plant in Davenport. This fire then combined with numerous other lightning fires to form the CZU Complex Fire.”

Paul used a Nikon D810 with a 200mm lens to take the photo.

He is a retired firefighter and takes photos as a hobby. York Gallery in Santa Cruz will be selling copies of the image at cost. If purchasers would like to contribute any additional to the purchase price, those funds will go directly to fire victims.

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