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China Grade and the Chinese in Boulder Creek | Local History

by Lisa Robinson Between 1884 and 1885, Winfield Scott Rodgers, brother of Charles Campbell Rodgers who founded the Mountain Echo Newspaper, built a road from his timber claim on the headwaters of Boulder Creek, to the county road at the “Sequoia settlement.” Initially about two and a half miles long and costing $1,500, Rodgers built the road with “three hired… Read More
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On the Copper Trail with Elisabeth Carlisle

Felton Singer-Songwriter Elisabeth Carlisle Launches Northwest Tour By Julie Horner How many times have we said throughout the course of our lives, why am I doing this? For Felton-born singer-songwriter and music education advocate Elisabeth Carlisle, it was never a question. “I never thought about anything else but being a musician,” she said. “That’s how I’m wired.”  The Santa Cruz… Read More
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The Miracles of Mallard Motherhood

By Gale McCreary As raucous blue jays argue over nesting sites and crows convene in swarthy flocks, a lone duck can be seen drifting along the river’s edge quacking. She is announcing her availability, not that common for a Mallard hen. These drab-coated females usually are claimed by handsome green-headed drakes early in the season and remain paired with them… Read More
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Showtime in the Garden: May Blooms and Vegetable Garden Bliss

By Josh Reilly It’s showtime! We’ve spent the long, cold Winter peeking out the window through the downpour at leafless stems, shoots, and branches. And mud. We’ve allowed ourselves a little advance joy with each new leaf or flower bud that we see in March and the big warm-up, April. Then comes May. It’s a bit like that moment when… Read More
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May Real Estate Update

By M.C. Dwyer Local average home prices are about 10-20% lower than a year ago, varying widely depending on location, price range, and condition. Softer prices are largely the result of fewer pandemic-motivated buyers as well as the impact of higher mortgage rates dampening buyers’ financial capacity. When looking at the chart below, remember some towns are so small that… Read More