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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know | Real Estate

By M.C. Dwyer Or, in this story, what your agent doesn’t know. Recently I witnessed an unbelievable mishandling of the marketing for a rural property listing.   The sellers had chosen a REALTOR from a nearby city to represent them. As the story unfolded, I learned that their successful agent had left for vacation (without telling their client), and let… Read More
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Mortgage Rates and Real Estate Cycles

By M.C. Dwyer By late August, mortgage interest rates were at their highest levels since the early 2000s. The latest bump upward in rates unfortunately disqualified more would-be first-time home buyers. Overnight, we went from expecting multiple offers on one of our more affordable listings, to being happy to get one offer to our seller at list price. Now more… Read More
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Real Estate Update | Water and Waste Treatment Systems in Trouble in Boulder Creek

By M.C. Dwyer For about the last 5 years, Big Basin Water Company (BBWC), which serves around 500-600 customers, has regularly run out of resources to operate properly. The company, owned by Jim and Shirley Moore, is the definition of a mom and pop outfit, complete with their son as Chief Operator. Sources including the Moores, say they fell behind… Read More