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Real Estate News: Seasons and Cycles

San Lorenzo Valley Homes By M.C. Dwyer Spring and summer have always been my favorite seasons – everything feels so alive! This is the second year Stellar Jays have nested in the rosebush alongside my she-shed. It’s been so fun to watch both parents swooping in with food, the baby chicks craning their necks as high as possible, bidding amongst… Read More
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SLV Homes: Spring Forward

By M.C. Dwyer Traditionally, just like tulip trees and daffodils, the real estate market bursts into new life in the spring. This year, like everything else defying normalcy, it felt like the market barely took a nap after the winter holidays. People’s migration out of cities and into the countryside continues, as the ability to work from home spawns an… Read More
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Real Estate: Home Is Where the Heart Is

SLV Homes By M.C. Dwyer Life events are often the motivating factor behind people’s decision to move, and emotions usually play a big role in the decision-making process. In addition to managing all the rational details of a home purchase or sale, it’s important that people be assured when they’re outside of their comfort zone – learning about new neighborhoods,… Read More
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SLV Homes: Real Estate Update

By M.C. Dwyer Low interest rates and the paradigm shift caused by covid-19 continue to drive home sales. 2020 ended with an average 30-year fixed residential owner occupied mortgage interest rate of about 2.75%. In January, rates crept up, but remain below 3%. In the chart below, you can see single family home prices rose in December by nearly 17%… Read More
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Real Estate: Moving into Recovery

Market Review: 3rd Quarter 2020 By M.C. Dwyer Average home prices rose again across our region during the third quarter (July 1st to September 30th). Several communities recorded all-time highs, including Boulder Creek, Felton, and the City of Santa Cruz. There simply aren’t enough homes for sale compared to the number of people who want to buy. Fueled by historically… Read More
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An Impossible Reality

By M.C. Dwyer On August 16th, we woke up at 3:00 am and went outside to watch a bizarre dry summer lightning storm. As lightning zig zagged across the skies overhead, booming thunder quickly followed. We went back to sleep. By Tuesday afternoon, Boulder Creek was shrouded in smoke and stifling hot. The evacuation warning for our home came at 8:00… Read More
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Real Estate: 2nd Q 2020 Market Review

SLV Homes By “M.C.” Dwyer Market Review: 2nd Quarter 2020 During the second quarter of 2020, average home prices rose across most of our region.    San Lorenzo Valley 2nd quarter average single family home prices rose about 6% compared to the 1st quarter, and when compared to this time in 2019, stayed nearly flat while the number of sales rose… Read More