Big Basin Water Company Fire Recovery Water 

Big Basin Water Company Facing Challenges

By Jayme Ackemann “Water, water everywhere; nor a drop to drink.” The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, depicts the plight of an Irish sailor adrift at sea, surrounded by undrinkable saltwater. For Big Basin Water Company (BBWC) customers, this old idiom may seem especially prophetic as questions are raised about the utility’s fate. Until January… Read More
San Lorenzo Valley Water District consolidation Local News Water 

Long Term Engagement or Shotgun Wedding? SLV and Scotts Valley Water Districts Explore a Merger

By Jayme Ackemann Last month, as the San Lorenzo Valley was beginning to worry about debris flows and a lack of precipitation, the SLV and Scotts Valley water districts threw out a pretty significant trial balloon: A merger proposal. At the District’s February 4th board meeting, directors and staff hashed out a loose framework to study a merger. So loose,… Read More
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Water District Consolidation Process

What the public can anticipate as officials begin discussions and take actions toward a potential San Lorenzo Valley/Scotts Valley water district consolidation By Mary Andersen The San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD) Board of Directors will meet today, Thursday, February 4, 2021. After opening the meeting at 5:30 pm, the board will enter a closed session period for one hour.… Read More
Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency Local News Water 

Commentary: Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency

By Bob Fultz Hopefully everyone in the San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD) has heard of the Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency (SMGA). But, if not, I hope this will be a good start since there are critical decisions coming soon that will impact both our environment and our pocketbooks. I’m speaking for myself in this article—I’m not speaking on behalf of the… Read More