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A History of Scotts Valley Water

By Randall Brown August 1958. The Scotts Valley Barn was practically empty on the night the residents were invited to learn about the upcoming water election. Engineers, county officials’ consultants, and public-relations men nearly outnumbered the ten interested citizens. There would be one question on the ballot, according to a spokesman: “Do you wish to buy a reserve water supply… Read More
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McPherson, Stone, Laird urge Big Basin Water Co Merger with SLVWD

April 19, 2021 letter from Supervisor Bruce McPherson, Assemblymember Mark Stone, and Senator John Laird to Jim Moore, owner/manager of Big Basin Water Company strongly urging a merger of their company with the San Lorenzo Valley Water District stating, “as the county and state elected officials representing your company and its customers, we implore BBWD to immediately and earnestly engage… Read More
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City of Santa Cruz Water Department Petitions to Modify its Use of San Lorenzo River Water

Summary and Commentary Prepared by Friends of San Lorenzo Valley Water April 2, 2021 Introduction The Santa Cruz City Water Department (SCWD) has submitted five separate petitions to the California State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) seeking changes to its permits and water rights associated with the San Lorenzo River.  The State Water Board oversees water rights throughout… Read More
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Big Basin Water Company Facing Challenges

By Jayme Ackemann “Water, water everywhere; nor a drop to drink.” The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, depicts the plight of an Irish sailor adrift at sea, surrounded by undrinkable saltwater. For Big Basin Water Company (BBWC) customers, this old idiom may seem especially prophetic as questions are raised about the utility’s fate. Until January… Read More