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Mortgage Rates and Real Estate Cycles

By M.C. Dwyer By late August, mortgage interest rates were at their highest levels since the early 2000s. The latest bump upward in rates unfortunately disqualified more would-be first-time home buyers. Overnight, we went from expecting multiple offers on one of our more affordable listings, to being happy to get one offer to our seller at list price. Now more… Read More
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Real Estate Update | Water and Waste Treatment Systems in Trouble in Boulder Creek

By M.C. Dwyer For about the last 5 years, Big Basin Water Company (BBWC), which serves around 500-600 customers, has regularly run out of resources to operate properly. The company, owned by Jim and Shirley Moore, is the definition of a mom and pop outfit, complete with their son as Chief Operator. Sources including the Moores, say they fell behind… Read More
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May Real Estate Update

By M.C. Dwyer Local average home prices are about 10-20% lower than a year ago, varying widely depending on location, price range, and condition. Softer prices are largely the result of fewer pandemic-motivated buyers as well as the impact of higher mortgage rates dampening buyers’ financial capacity. When looking at the chart below, remember some towns are so small that… Read More
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New Septic Regulations Taking Effect July 2023

By M.C. Dwyer The Santa Cruz Association of REALTORS recently held an educational event about point-of-sale septic regulations taking effect in Santa Cruz County in July 2023. Mark Kinder of Affordable Septic, who’s installed thousands of systems, explained everything we need to know about septic system repair and the new regulations.     The State Water Resources Control Board oversees all California… Read More
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Real Estate by the Numbers

By M.C. Dwyer 2022’s home price gains are getting erased as prices dropped compared to last January: around 10% in Santa Cruz County, 6% in Santa Clara County, and 13% in San Lorenzo Valley. Although the SLV figure isn’t statistically reliable because only 10 homes sold in January, it illustrates the trend. The Mercury News reports home prices across the… Read More
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Bright Spots in the Real Estate Outlook

By M.C. Dwyer We Santa Cruz Mountains residents are still recovering from this winter’s brutal onslaught of back-to-back atmospheric river storms. We’ve been through evacuations, multiple road closures (some of which will last for years), fallen trees and branches, slides, floods, property and electronics damage*, intermittent loss of internet and cell phone coverage, and frequent/lengthy power outages across the County.… Read More