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Rebuilding Challenges Continue

By Antonia Bradford In the year since the CZU Fire of 2020, fire families have been grieving and processing our losses all while trying to work, raise children, and rebuild our homes. For many of us, rebuilding efforts have been stalled by Santa Cruz County’s Planning Department. Before the smoke cleared last year, we were assured by County officials that… Read More
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Letter: Comments to August 10 Board of Supervisors

Antonia Bradford’s comments to the Board of Supervisors during their August 10 meeting regarding agenda item #9 Hello, my name is Antonia Bradford. Before I begin, I would like to thank the offices of Bruce McPherson and Ryan Coonerty for hearing the needs of their constituents and putting this crucial item on the agenda. On August 20, 2020 my family… Read More
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CZU Fire Families: Rebuilding Stalled

By Antonia Bradford On August 16th, 2020 the Santa Cruz Mountains experienced an intense dry lightning storm that sparked the CZU fire. The fire burned for 38 days, destroying 1,490 buildings including the homes of 911 families. As we approach the one-year anniversary of the fire this month, it’s a good time to check in with the status of recovery… Read More
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Fire Victims Challenged by County’s Conflicting Temporary Housing Rules

San Lorenzo Valley’s Community Driven Development Team wrote the following letter to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. July 3, 2021 Dear Bruce McPherson and fellow Board of Supervisors members, In the current strategic plan for Santa Cruz County the county listed a variety of goals. Those goals included promoting a safe community and lowering barriers to housing solutions.… Read More
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Fire Recovery: The Wildwood Woodland Neighborhood

By Antonia Bradford There is a certain personality that is drawn to living in the mountains. People who have a great love and respect for nature. Independent, yet value community and connection. It’s what makes the San Lorenzo Valley such an amazing community to live. The people of the Wildwood Woodland neighborhood, just north of Boulder Creek, are no different.… Read More
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Valley Neighbors: Chris Clayton Helps Fire Families

By Antonia Bradford Before the CZU fire the housing market in Santa Cruz County was already difficult with high demands and little inventory. After the fire it became nearly impossible. Fire victims, after losing everything, were thrust into a rental market that now was even tighter than before. Chris Clayton, a Realtor with Anderson Christie Real Estate in Felton, was… Read More
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Fire Recovery: Chris Copeland Offers Insurance Education and Assistance

By Antonia Bradford When the CZU fire hit the San Lorenzo Valley, Scotts Valley resident and retired insurance adjuster Chris Copeland knew right away that families who lost their homes would have a second battle in front of them – figuring out their insurance policies and contending with insurance companies. What he didn’t expect was the mistreatment that so many… Read More
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Legislation Impacting Fire Survivors

By Antonia Bradford There are two proposed pieces of legislation pending that could have a major impact on fire survivors and rural residents and potentially could risk some of our chances of rebuilding: the proposed California Board of Forestry Fire Safe Regulations and Senate Bill 55. I include text to both documents below, as well as summaries from the Rural… Read More