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Open Letters to Bruce McPherson and County Leadership

“It’s not the fire that breaks you, it’s the County” By Antonia Bradford On February 1, 2023 Supervisor Bruce McPherson was quoted in a Sentinel article titled “Supervisors Bruce McPherson, Justin Cummings Seek CZU Rebuild Details” saying, “roughly one-third of impacted residents have not sought a rebuild permit after the CZU fires.” He goes on to say, “The county isn’t… Read More
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Barn Raising in the Mountains

As the Two Year Anniversary of the CZU Fire Nears, Community Launches a Citizen-led Approach By Antonia Bradford The two year anniversary of the CZU Fire is rapidly approaching. As the smoke cleared and life returned to normal for the vast majority of the mountain, fire families who lost everything quickly realized the reality of our situations: we were underinsured.… Read More
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Fire Sprinkler Code is the New Geology for Fire Victims

By Antonia Bradford It is no secret that the path to recovery for the fire families of the 2020 CZU Lightning Complex event has been difficult, expensive, and painful. The battles with the County of Santa Cruz regarding geology and septic have been well documented in the press with Board of Supervisors meetings packed and intense with public outcry. Through… Read More
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County Supervisors Fail to Ease Rebuilding Rules for CZU Survivors

By Antonia Bradford “We are up against a very strict timeline and the insurance companies don’t care if they make us homeless. Ironically, just this morning I got an email from Nationwide stating that we have till April to build our home. That’s 8 months from now!” – Julie Lucia, Fallen Leaf Neighborhood “Homes that are still standing and located… Read More
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Rebuilding Challenges Continue

By Antonia Bradford In the year since the CZU Fire of 2020, fire families have been grieving and processing our losses all while trying to work, raise children, and rebuild our homes. For many of us, rebuilding efforts have been stalled by Santa Cruz County’s Planning Department. Before the smoke cleared last year, we were assured by County officials that… Read More
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Letter: Comments to August 10 Board of Supervisors

Antonia Bradford’s comments to the Board of Supervisors during their August 10 meeting regarding agenda item #9 Hello, my name is Antonia Bradford. Before I begin, I would like to thank the offices of Bruce McPherson and Ryan Coonerty for hearing the needs of their constituents and putting this crucial item on the agenda. On August 20, 2020 my family… Read More
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CZU Fire Families: Rebuilding Stalled

By Antonia Bradford On August 16th, 2020 the Santa Cruz Mountains experienced an intense dry lightning storm that sparked the CZU fire. The fire burned for 38 days, destroying 1,490 buildings including the homes of 911 families. As we approach the one-year anniversary of the fire this month, it’s a good time to check in with the status of recovery… Read More
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Fire Victims Challenged by County’s Conflicting Temporary Housing Rules

San Lorenzo Valley’s Community Driven Development Team wrote the following letter to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. July 3, 2021 Dear Bruce McPherson and fellow Board of Supervisors members, In the current strategic plan for Santa Cruz County the county listed a variety of goals. Those goals included promoting a safe community and lowering barriers to housing solutions.… Read More