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County Urges Those with Mild COVID and Non-Serious Illness to Avoid Emergency Rooms

In light of a current 121% surge in coronavirus cases in Santa Cruz County, public health officials are requesting that residents with mild cases of COVID and non-serious seasonal illnesses avoid overburdening local hospital emergency rooms. A statement released on January 5 states, “Most individuals who contract COVID-19 do not need to visit the hospital’s emergency department and can effectively… Read More
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Redistricting Could Affect San Lorenzo Valley Voters

By Jayme Ackemann Santa Cruz County is going through a redistricting process. Is anyone paying attention? If you check out the scant feedback the county has already received you will notice one thing: Three of the five comments submitted, as of this writing, are from Scotts Valley residents interested in moving out of District One and into District Five, San… Read More

Board of Forestry and Fire Protection Remote Workshop Notice and Announcement

WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT The Board of Forestry and Fire Protection (Board) conducted a workshop to discuss issues related to the 2021 update to the Fire Safe Regulations (14 CCR § 1270 et seq) on December 22, 2020. The workshop conducted an in-depth review of the proposed changes to the Fire Safe Regulations and solicited input from Board members, the public, and… Read More