Canham horse rescue with Sunset Animal Rescue Local News 

The Equestrian Way: Canham Farm Horse Rescue and Rehab Offers Sanctuary

By Julie Horner The horse is a symbol of the American West, ingrained in our imagination by fiction writer Louis L’Amour, TV’s Bonanza and Gunsmoke, and generations of Hollywood cowboys galloping off into the sunset. The Santa Cruz Mountains could still be considered the Wild West with its miles of forested trails, where each village in the valley is an… Read More
Ryan Okrant and Lola Animal Rescue Columns 

Lola Finds Shelter From the Storm: Animal Advocate Ryan Okrant Facilitates Dog Rescue

By Julie Horner They found “Lola” wandering alone near Hollister’s flood-ravaged Lover’s Lane neighborhood in January. Boulder Creek animal rescue advocate Ryan Okrant got the text to help search for missing animals, and he and volunteer Omar Harasis made the trek. While surveying the scene, a woman flagged the two down: would they take a cold, shivering pup with a… Read More