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Boulder Creek Community: A United Voice

By Taylor Kimble As the world struggled with COVID-19 and its various complications, the Santa Cruz Mountains faced yet another life-threatening obstacle in August 2020: the CZU Lightning Complex Fire. The fire forced mountain residents to evacuate their homes and scatter to all corners of the country. In the wake of displacement, fear, and uncertainty, Jo Romaniello, a marriage and… Read More
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Local Musician and Artist Bluzar Blue Releases Retrospective

By Julie Horner Longtime Santa Cruz Mountains local Bluzar Blue has released a compilation of songs, illustrations, quips, and observations in a book entitled “Bluzar Blue, In Black and White and In Color.” The book showcases 75 colored plates of his favorite artistic creations, finished and unfinished, since 1969. “I was having a hard time getting my artwork into galleries,”… Read More
Laura Davis The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother Daughter Story Books 

The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Personal Journey of Peace Building From Author Laura Davis

“The white blanket barely rose and fell with her breath. How had she gotten so small? Could she really be the same woman I’d loved as a girl? Hated as a teenager? Characterized as a monster? Turned into a sometimes-friend? Mom and I had done better than anyone witnessing our estrangement had expected. Better than we expected. I’d invited her… Read More