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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know | Real Estate

By M.C. Dwyer Or, in this story, what your agent doesn’t know. Recently I witnessed an unbelievable mishandling of the marketing for a rural property listing.   The sellers had chosen a REALTOR from a nearby city to represent them. As the story unfolded, I learned that their successful agent had left for vacation (without telling their client), and let… Read More
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May Real Estate Update

By M.C. Dwyer Local average home prices are about 10-20% lower than a year ago, varying widely depending on location, price range, and condition. Softer prices are largely the result of fewer pandemic-motivated buyers as well as the impact of higher mortgage rates dampening buyers’ financial capacity. When looking at the chart below, remember some towns are so small that… Read More
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Real Estate by the Numbers

By M.C. Dwyer 2022’s home price gains are getting erased as prices dropped compared to last January: around 10% in Santa Cruz County, 6% in Santa Clara County, and 13% in San Lorenzo Valley. Although the SLV figure isn’t statistically reliable because only 10 homes sold in January, it illustrates the trend. The Mercury News reports home prices across the… Read More
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Real Estate: Moving into Recovery

Market Review: 3rd Quarter 2020 By M.C. Dwyer Average home prices rose again across our region during the third quarter (July 1st to September 30th). Several communities recorded all-time highs, including Boulder Creek, Felton, and the City of Santa Cruz. There simply aren’t enough homes for sale compared to the number of people who want to buy. Fueled by historically… Read More