Barnraising CZU Fire Column: Antonia Bradford Fire Recovery 

Barn Raising in the Mountains

As the Two Year Anniversary of the CZU Fire Nears, Community Launches a Citizen-led Approach By Antonia Bradford The two year anniversary of the CZU Fire is rapidly approaching. As the smoke cleared and life returned to normal for the vast majority of the mountain, fire families who lost everything quickly realized the reality of our situations: we were underinsured.… Read More
Bluzar Blue Books Music 

Local Musician and Artist Bluzar Blue Releases Retrospective

By Julie Horner Longtime Santa Cruz Mountains local Bluzar Blue has released a compilation of songs, illustrations, quips, and observations in a book entitled “Bluzar Blue, In Black and White and In Color.” The book showcases 75 colored plates of his favorite artistic creations, finished and unfinished, since 1969. “I was having a hard time getting my artwork into galleries,”… Read More

Live Music Weekend Roundup June 17 to June 19

Happy Father’s Day weekend! Here’s the roundup of live music for the Santa Cruz Mountains and around town…and a few cool events outside the area…for June 17 through June 19, 2022! Even more good news! There are pancakes! Enjoy the Fathers Day Pancake Breakfast at the Zayante Firehouse: Friday, June 17 Father’s Day Bluegrass FestivalNevada County FairgroundsThursday – Sunday,… Read More
Water district san lorenzo valley Infrastructure Local News Water 

How Do We Talk About Water in the San Lorenzo Valley?

By Jayme Ackemann The United States has been failing to maintain its roads, bridges, and utilities for decades. A report known as the “Infrastructure Report Card” tracks the state of the nation’s disrepair and rates it. Last year we got a C-minus. California’s water and roadways are barely passing with Cs and Ds. This isn’t a surprise to anyone living… Read More