Autumn Okra Stew Food & Drink 

Autumn Okra Stew

By Alison Steele Moving into fall with afternoon warmth still lingering, the magic of Okra Stew is captured entirely on the stovetop. Layering the flavors of the garden in one pot along with poultry or pork, and ladling it over a steaming bowl of rice is what I think of as comfort food. I’ve chosen to celebrate the vegetables in… Read More
Traci Bliss book Big Basin Redwood Forest Books Reviews 

Big Basin: You Must Never Forget This Story

By Julie Horner Traci Bliss’ new book, Big Basin Redwood Forest, California’s Oldest State Park chronicles the individuals and organizations over the generations who dedicated themselves to preserving Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Connected to the park through her own ancestors, William Jeter and Jennie Bliss Jeter, Bliss keeps a decades-old promise to her great-great-aunt to remember past conservation efforts… Read More
Letter to the editor Commentary Local News 

Letter: For Fire Recovery SLV Community Council an Idea Worth Considering

By Bob Fultz By now you may have heard about a proposal to create an SLV Community Council, first introduced in the SLV Post on July 1, 2021. Regardless of the merits of the proposal and irrespective of your position on it, we should all support the importance of creativity and innovative “out-of-the-box” thinking about how to facilitate rebuilding in… Read More