Scotts Valley Community Barn History Water 

A History of Scotts Valley Water

By Randall Brown August 1958. The Scotts Valley Barn was practically empty on the night the residents were invited to learn about the upcoming water election. Engineers, county officials’ consultants, and public-relations men nearly outnumbered the ten interested citizens. There would be one question on the ballot, according to a spokesman: “Do you wish to buy a reserve water supply… Read More
Chris Finnie The Left Wing Column Column: The Left Wing 

The Left Wing: In Honor of Juneteenth I’m Using My White Privilege to Speak Out

By Chris Finnie 156 years after the end of the American Civil War, Congress has established a federal holiday to celebrate the emancipation of African slaves. Though the Emancipation Proclamation freed American slaves in 1863, the federal government couldn’t enforce it in the Confederacy until after the end of the Civil War in 1865. But word of this didn’t reach… Read More
The Winds of Beyond Literature 

SLV High Alum Publishes Book: The Winds of Beyond

By Julie Horner It all started in 2016 at the White Raven coffee shop in Felton. “I had this little notebook with random ideas. I was supposed to be studying.” San Lorenzo Valley High School graduate Sampson Miller admits to being a horrible student. He would doodle in class – spaceships, otherworldly concepts, and “stories in his head.” By his… Read More
gravel garden path Gardening 

Early Summer Gardens in Full Riot

By Josh Reilly It’s peak season in San Lorenzo Valley gardens. Roses, salvias, Jerusalem sage, irises, poppies, lavenders, yuccas, succulents, penstemons, sedums, Peruvian lilies and ground covers like creeping Thyme are all in full riot. Azaleas and rhododendrons are lighting up shady corners. Pelargoniums and geraniums (often confused) are going off like fireworks. Long blooming standbys like Erigeron will be… Read More
Spring potato salad Columns Food & Drink 

Lured by Spring: Picnic Potato Salad

By Alison Steele Spring can’t help but lure one out with its flowers and trees loaded with blossoms and birds. Finding an adventure in nature has been essential for relaxation now more than ever. With summer just around the corner, a picnic is the perfect way to extend your day outside relaxing in the sun. Whether you’re heading to the… Read More
Boulder Creek California Boulder Creek Photography 

Christopher Bradford Photographs Boulder Creek by Drone

Christopher Bradford is an architectural and real estate photographer as well as a licensed drone pilot who believes each shoot is an opportunity to create beautiful art. Besides shooting architecture, Christopher and his wife Antonia also work as wedding photographers, capturing beautiful images on the most important day of a couple’s relationship. Christopher lives with his wife and five children… Read More
Boulder Creek California Columns Real Estate 

Real Estate News: Seasons and Cycles

San Lorenzo Valley Homes By M.C. Dwyer Spring and summer have always been my favorite seasons – everything feels so alive! This is the second year Stellar Jays have nested in the rosebush alongside my she-shed. It’s been so fun to watch both parents swooping in with food, the baby chicks craning their necks as high as possible, bidding amongst… Read More