Ampibian Encounters California Newt San Lorenzo Valley Environment 

Amphibian Encounters

By Emily Pomeroy It’s that time of year again; our slick, slippery friends are out and about! Here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, we’re fortunate to live amongst a myriad of newt and salamander species that come out to say hello during the spring. In our county there are more than ten species of salamanders and newts and even more… Read More
Big Basin Water Company Fire Recovery Water 

Big Basin Water Company Facing Challenges

By Jayme Ackemann “Water, water everywhere; nor a drop to drink.” The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, depicts the plight of an Irish sailor adrift at sea, surrounded by undrinkable saltwater. For Big Basin Water Company (BBWC) customers, this old idiom may seem especially prophetic as questions are raised about the utility’s fate. Until January… Read More
Big Basin surface water Letters 

Letter: Big Basin Water Company Concerns

My wife and I bought our condo at the Boulder Creek Golf Course in 2014. When we were going over all of the details for purchasing, we were informed of the water company, but never considered reviewing its details (based on what we learned then, we would have bought anyway). We love the location between downtown and Big Basin SP,… Read More
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SLV Homes: Spring Forward

By M.C. Dwyer Traditionally, just like tulip trees and daffodils, the real estate market bursts into new life in the spring. This year, like everything else defying normalcy, it felt like the market barely took a nap after the winter holidays. People’s migration out of cities and into the countryside continues, as the ability to work from home spawns an… Read More
Antonia Bradford Photography Letters Local News 

Letter: Fire Safety and Prevention

Dear Bruce McPherson and fellow county supervisors, I write to you today as a woman who lost her home in the CZU fire. I am a proud San Lorenzo Valley citizen who is active in her community and is committed to rebuilding her home for her family which includes five children. As I wade through the immense costs and bureaucratic… Read More
Wisteria Arbor pathway Columns Gardening 

Spring Gardening: Arbors and Trellises

By Josh Reilly “Arbors and Trellises” sounds like the title of a 70s soft-rock album, brimming with meaning. A reference to lofty, light weight, airy structures, often geometric and angular in form, but built to provide living space for winding, cascading plants, all curves and knots, billows and waves, tendrils and holdfasts. Things that prefer to live up in the breeze.… Read More
Humble Sea Brewing Company coming to Felton Business Community 

Humble Sea Brewing Coming to Felton

Good news from the great folks at Humble Sea Brewing Company! “WE’RE OPENING A TAVERN IN THE SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS! Introducing @humblesea.tavern, in Felton, California We’re heading back to our roots and opening our third taproom location in the beautiful, historic Cremer House on Hwy 9 this summer! We’ll have tons of taps, a full kitchen and cocktails. Stay tuned… Read More
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Valley Neighbors: Chris Clayton Helps Fire Families

By Antonia Bradford Before the CZU fire the housing market in Santa Cruz County was already difficult with high demands and little inventory. After the fire it became nearly impossible. Fire victims, after losing everything, were thrust into a rental market that now was even tighter than before. Chris Clayton, a Realtor with Anderson Christie Real Estate in Felton, was… Read More