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Relationships, Creative Expression, and the Things We Most Value

By Catie Cadge PhD

July starts off in Cancer season, Santa Cruz stargazers. Venus, planet of relationship, creative expression and the things we most value in our lives, is also in the sign of the sensitive, nurturing, watery crab. Early summer supports loving, good times with family and our closest friends, our “clan.” It is a time to take care of ourselves in healing ways. Jupiter has been traveling through Gemini since late May, and for some folks, certain areas of life may seem overly chaotic, busy with too many options being presented to us this way or that. The Sun and Venus in Cancer help us to counterbalance the mayhem with a little self-care and rest. Have a nice homemade dinner to slow you down or a family get-together to listen to each other with a caring heart.

The day after Independence Day, on July 5th, we have a New Moon at 14°23’ Cancer, 3:57 pm Pacific time. The Sun and Moon square the lunar nodes, south node in Libra, north node in Aries. This New Moon is a moment to reflect upon our deepest bonds with those most close to us and how and where we need to negotiate, create balance, while also asserting our own needs. Relationship surely is a set of Libra scales! A give and take, a cosmic dance. Venus enters Leo on July 11th, show your love and willingness to be generous with partners and those dear to you.

On July 20th, Mars enters Gemini. Those readers with strong planetary placements or degrees in Gemini may feel a push to action, hopefully exploring new paths of learning or writing, while feeding a curiosity already in play by slower-moving Jupiter in the sign of the twins. I think of the lyrics of the Grateful Dead song, Foolish Heart, “Search for where the rivers end. Or where the rivers start…Leap from ledges high and wild”! Dare to leap and look around the bend. Curiosity opens doors. But one warning: some people around us may be too talkative, too “over the top” in sharing ideas and, well, they may truly embody the word, verbose! It may help by guiding these souls to take it easy, listen and let new, fresh perceptions enter their mind! Too much talking leads to not enough listening. 

July’s full moon is known as a Buck Moon because it occurs when male deer begin growing their antlers.

The Full Moon occurs July 21st, 3:17 am in the morning, at 29°09’ Capricorn. This is the second Full Moon in Capricorn in 2024. Remember we also had a Full Moon in the sign of the sea goat just after summer solstice. What a powerful lunar time for bringing our dreams and hard work to fruition! The Moon conjuncts Pluto at 0°55’ Aquarius, trines Uranus in late Taurus and Mars at 0°23’ Gemini, and sextiles Neptune at the very end of Pisces. The 29th degree of a sign is called the “anaretic degree.” It is about finishing up the energies of the sign; a Full Moon also implies a coming to a climax of energy. Somewhere in our lives, we have been doing deep, transformative work in being authentically who we are. It involves changing our values while branching into new areas of discovery, new perspectives. If we embrace the mountains we are climbing, the visions we have in our hearts, now at this Full Moon things may manifest and shine!

July 22nd, Sun joins Mercury and Venus in demonstrative Leo, sign of the lion needing to roar. Mercury is now in its “shadow,” crossing over late degrees of Leo, and eventually Virgo, the planet of communication will travel while retrograde in August. This is a good time to reassess where we may spend too much effort seeking applause and “being heard.” Where in our lives do we need to be loving in sharing our gifts? Where, too, do we perhaps balance that generous spirit with less of a need to always be seen? Leo season is the height of summer fun and play. Leo, the natural ruler of the 5th house, embodies a love of self-expression, the heart of the performer, but really it is about our pleasure and joy in radiating our inner glory. “Learn to speak, speak with wisdom like a child…Directly from the heart!”

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Catie Cadge is Dean of the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. Classes and more information: Read about Catie and her work at

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