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Reveling in Joy: Gemini Season

By Catie Cadge PhD

“Callin’ out around the world! Are you ready for a brand-new beat?!” Welcome to June, Santa Cruz stargazers, and what a Gemini season it is at the start of the month! Jupiter, the big, gaseous giant, “King of the gods,” just entered the sign of the twins late last month. So those folks with important degrees in early Gemini in their birth chart may want to seize opportunities for new stimulation, fresh perspectives, growth and expansion. This all depends upon where in your natal chart Gemini lies. Fast-moving Sun and Venus are also in Gemini and Mercury joins them in the sign June 3rd. The first week of the month is especially supportive of engaging in conversation that is constructive to opening our minds and hearts. Think about where you may need to learn something new, explore multiple points of view or take a new class, just to feed your curiosity. The last thing we all need now is boredom!

The New Moon occurs June 6th at 16°18’ Gemini, 5:37 am Pacific time. The Moon and Sun conjunct Venus and square Saturn at 18°59’ Pisces. This lunar time is an invitation for all of us to imagine how we might revel in the joy and pleasure of meeting new people, discovering new information, along with new sights and sounds. “It’s an invitation across the nation, a chance for folks to meet! There’ll be laughing, singing and music swinging and dancing in the streets!” But the square to Saturn also asks us to be realistic about where you may be setting a vision for your life and how might that vision now benefit from lively conversation about novel ideas. What a great New Moon for artists and writers maturing into a new artistic voice, “Inspiration, move me brightly”! Any obstacles to your creative muse might just involve waking up to seeing things a bit differently.

On June 8th, Mars enters Taurus, squaring Pluto in Aquarius June 11th. Be careful about being stubborn when it comes to needing “space.”  There may be some power struggles on the table. It’s all a part of our soul growth. Then mid-month, on June 16th, Venus enters Cancer, followed by Mercury into the sign of the crab on the 17th. The cosmic weather moves more in the direction of calming down and settling into the comforts of home, family, and perhaps feeling the simple pleasures of sitting in our gardens or healing ourselves through a nice hike in the woods or sharing music with our lover or close friends. The middle of June offers us a chance to process all the new stimulation of Jupiter in Gemini, which we began to experience just a few weeks before. Have a barbeque at home, invite someone you love out to dinner, nurture and cuddle on the couch or soak it up in the hot tub. 

June’s big celebration is the arrival of summer when the Sun moves into Cancer on the solstice, June 20th, 1:50 pm. Cool coastal fog may still be upon us, Santa Cruz community, but now is the time to dream of those long dog days of summer. Cancer is a feeling, watery sign where we heal ourselves through our deepest bonds of love and friendship we have with our clan, our dearest family. Just following the solstice, the Full Moon in Capricorn, 1°07’, falls on June 21st at 6:07 pm. The Moon and Sun square Neptune at the very end of Pisces, forming a T-square, and the Moon opposes Venus in Cancer. What a perfect time to think responsibly about what kinds of strategic planning we might do, what mountain we are climbing. This is especially so for those wanting to create a life that is both rewarding in terms of achievement, but also supports our home life and our Cancer desire for self-healing. Neptune in Pisces wants a compassionate vision for ways we can achieve and integrate both. 

Happy summertime, everyone! “There’ll be swingin’ and swayin’ and records playing and Dancing in the street!” 

Catie Cadge is Dean of the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. Find classes and more information at Read about Catie and her work at

Images contributed by Catie Cadge


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