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Taurus Season: Peace and Stability

By Catie Cadge, PhD

May Day greetings, Santa Cruz stargazers! May opens with Pluto slowing down and turning retrograde at 2°06’ Aquarius on May 2nd. As a counseling astrologer, I often work with clients struggling with the energies of Pluto, when by transit (moving Pluto) meets up with personal planets in a soul’s birth chart. It is never easy. Pluto brings up deep-seated psychological wounding, what I call “shadow work,” to the surface, so we can face our fears, our wounds, let them drain and heal. Pluto wipes the slate clean, so we can rise like the phoenix from the ashes! I think of the song, Comes a Time, by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter; with such mastery, the words embody Pluto work: “I can’t see much difference between the dark and light. And I feel the wind and I taste the rain. Never in my mind to cause so much pain…” Sometimes we need that pain in order to release it.

Of course, only a few readers out there will be in a “Pluto time” now. But it is worth mentioning that when Pluto slows down, and turns either retrograde or direct, the transformative, alchemical work of this small planet, so far away in our solar system, feels most impactful. Look to see where early degrees of Aquarius fall in your chart to make sense of some of the possible shadows arising. Now is the time to face them, “deconstruct” them and push your healing journey ahead. 

May is Taurus season and we continue to see the ongoing impact of the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction (exact last month on April 20th). The two remain within “orb” or range. Taurus is always about being true to our animal nature, seeking comfort and calm, finding peace and stability. What is it we need to take care of ourselves, to restore our bodies and souls? What creature comforts are important and what kind of partner or lifestyle puts us at ease in a secure, loving place? 

New Moon in Taurus, 18°02’, is May 7th, 8:21 pm Pacific time. Sun and Moon conjunct Uranus, Jupiter and Venus, very strong in Taurus. Moon sextiles (60°) Saturn at 17°14’ Pisces, so creative visualization is a great tool now. Try to separate out fantasy from realistic expectations about what grounds you and what is real. Those with strong Pisces placements in their charts have been feeling Saturn’s reality check. Saturn wants you to mature as the mystic, compassionate one. The Taurus New Moon asks you to cultivate in your heart an opening to changing your values and seeing what really counts.

May 20th, the cosmic vibe shifts as Sun enters Gemini, an air sign very different from Taurus. The mood is light and easy, time to frolic and let your heart sing and enjoy some playful banter and community socializing. Venus joins Sun in the sign of the twins on May 23rd and Jupiter enters May 25th. Folks with significant Gemini placements in their birth chart, get ready for a positive year of growth, new opportunities and generally high times as Jupiter will remain in Gemini until June, 2025. 

We see the glass half full under a Jupiter time, though sometimes we may overdo it. Jupiter says “roll the dice,” take a chance on your own path forward. Doors tend to open when Jupiter lines up with key parts of your own chart. “Comes a time when the blind man takes your hand, says “Don’t you see? Gotta make it somehow on the dreams you still believe.” 

The Full Moon in Sagittarius, 2°55’, occurs May 23rd at 6:53 am. Sagittarius is about reaching into new realms of experience and embracing new paradigms. Have an open mind, revel in Full Moon glory! But I’d suggest also balancing in compassion and patience as some folk may reach the centaur’s arrow too far with too much gusto. Issues around personal freedom may arise, so try to remember what calms your soul as you, or perhaps others around you, want space to explore and venture out in Sagittarius style. “From day to day, just letting it ride” is a good mantra. But you don’t want to forget what it feels inside.

Catie Cadge is Dean of the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. Classes and more information: forrestastrology.center. Read about Catie and her work at caraevolutionaryastrology.com.

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