SunriseColumn: Julie Horner Editorial 


By Julie Horner

The year in retrospect and now to the future in the turn of the season is about making use of “stay-at-home” time. Unfinished projects that have been idle for years are now complete or well on their way. Fences are rebuilt, decks replaced, renovations begun, collections of books have finally been read, and those who play music or make art have studied their craft with renewed intent in this space of time unexpectedly given. Compelled into eye contact where all else is veiled and avoidant has opened a world of ways to meet neighbors and co-workers and strike up conversations – albeit somewhat muffled – that wouldn’t normally have occurred. New voices, fresh ideas, and renewed opportunity. Pressed to introspect instead of needing to be places, in the time ahead we are granted a do-over of epic proportions.

A most auspicious new year to one and all!

Photo by Jordan Wozniak

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