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No More Tiers

By Mary Andersen and Julie Horner| June 1, 2021

By June 15, 2021, physical distancing mandates and capacity limitations will be lifted. Face coverings and travel restrictions will be dropped. Like one door closing and another opening, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, regroup, reassign our energy, and redeploy. The next chapter includes hugs and laughter, things we took for granted in the beforetime. Without hesitation, we clasp the hand of a stranger in greeting, share a kiss with a loved one, sit together to play music in a jam session, or dance at a concert. It feels like a do-over. What will you do with your second chance?

While the forest heals, the community continues to support the 1000+ fire families who are wrangling with bureaucracies, struggling to rebuild. Some have left, moved on to retirement or fresh starts earlier than imagined. Main street businesses that have held on by a thread are looking forward to attracting summer visitors while others used their downtime to dream up new business ideas anticipating filling empty storefronts, locals turned entrepreneurs.

Another revolution of the sun. We’re one year on! The San Lorenzo Valley Post was launched in June of 2020 to celebrate the people and places of the Santa Cruz Mountains, to share the Valley’s voice.

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