Mountain Fermenters Greg Roe and Mike de SmidtCover Photos 

Cover Photo: The Mountain Fermenters

Post columnists Mike De Smidt and Greg Roe have been co-authoring the Mountain Fermenter column since the paper launched. Covering fermented food and beverages, they offer up their topics and homebrew recipes in a way that the layperson can understand and readily undertake.

Mike is a local attorney who lives in Ben Lomond. Outside of spending time with his family, Mike enjoys way too many hobbies, cooking, and playing Irish traditional music on the Irish bagpipes.

Greg Roe is a long-time mountain resident, data analyst, and web developer. He lives in Felton with his 11-year-old daughter, Aumarie. He plays many genres of music on guitar and octave mandolin including traditional Irish music. He likes to build things, smoke foods, cook, read about biology and genetics, brew beer, play geeky board games, watch comedy horror films, listen to science and true crime podcasts, and hang out with his daughter and his girlfriend, Tara.

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