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Chinese New Year Celebrations Begin

On February 10 Asian communities welcome Chinese Lunar New Year. This year’s designation is the Year of the Wood Dragon, ushering in a time brimming with growth, innovation, and a profound connection to nature. It’s a time to honor ancestors, deities, and family. The festival is rich in traditional customs and rituals, including cleaning the house to sweep away bad luck and decorating with red and gold lanterns and auspicious symbols.

Of course, food plays a central role in Chinese New Year celebrations, with various dishes and ingredients carrying symbolic meanings of luck and good fortune.

Jenny Wu, proprietress at Boulder Creek’s storied Red Pearl restaurant, hails from Sichuan Province in China where traditional celebrations abound. When asked about the best and traditional foods to prepare she said, “Fish for abundance, noodles for long life, and oranges for prosperity.”

Jenny Wu at The Red Pearl in Boulder Creek

We asked Jenny to set us up with a celebratory spread. Pictured at top, clockwise from left, and all available at the restaurant:

» Jiaozi (Dumplings), Chun Juan (Spring Rolls), and Yun Tun (Wontons)
» Jirou Shala (Chicken Salad)
» Chéngzi (Good Fortune Oranges)
» Changshou Mian (Longevity Noodles)
» Dayu Darou (Fish or Meat)
» Zheng Mifan (Steamed Rice)

Jenny said, “May there be health and well-being every day of the year for you. Happy New Year!”

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