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Ben Lomond Gardener: Nip and Tuck for the New Year

On December 21, the Winter Solstice, we rounded the corner at the wintery end of the year’s ellipse. After this most sacred of all garden holy days, the hours of sunlight begin to increase again, as the Northern Hemisphere starts tilting back towards the sun. Meanwhile, the winter garden is a cool, calm, relaxing place. The bones (roots, branches and... Read More
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The Valley Gardener: Digging Deep into Autumn

By Marielle Martin As fall folds toward winter it’s time to get into the garden and prepare for new weather. We’re lucky here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, blessed with a mild autumn favorable to working outside. Aside from our evergreens, colder temps lay much in the garden bare, exposing the bones or architecture of our outdoor spaces. Those bones… Read More