Letters: Water isn’t about politics; it’s about people

As a current and outgoing director for the SLV Water District it has been a privilege to work with this Board and for the people of the San Lorenzo Valley. From an insider’s perspective, it has been very civil, even when directors have differing views, and we have gotten the job done, especially through the many emergency meetings during the fire. These are tough times for the people of the Valley, and for the water district. If you want to continue this good will on the board, I suggest that you support Beth Thomas and Lew Farris.

They are running to be your next directors for the Water District. I think they would do an excellent job for you. They have turned down endorsements in favor of a “Non Partisan, Pro water,” stance because everyone needs water, everyone wants our water department to do a good job. Beth Thomas goes to meetings, is on the Facilities Committee and has shown a commitment to our Valley and its residents, all of them. She raised a family here. Like the rest of us, she has lived through our floods, droughts and earthquakes. She knows our resiliency because she has gone through it, too.

Lew is committed to a fire management plan and is a strong advocate for the ratepayers interests on the Santa Margarita Ground Water Agency which protects the very water rights that our Valley retains. He will work with anyone in the Valley who wants to promote fire safety, and safe water practices.

You can find Beth and Lew volunteering at the Water District: handing out water and good wishes to anyone who shows up because Water isn’t about politics, it’s about people. I trust Beth Thomas and Lew Farris.

Rick Moran, Ben Lomond

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