Letters: Beth Thomas a great choice for SLV water board

I have known Beth Thomas for over 40 years as an educational associate, and as a friend. Beth is
one of the most insightful and resourceful individuals I’ve had the privilege to know. Her
experience as a labor leader, a consensus maker, and visionary alone makes Beth a qualified
leader for the SLV Water Board position now facing the voters of the Valley.

My wife and I can both attest to Beth’s deep personal integrity, her thoughtfulness and
willingness to listen. Beth’s personality is forthright and assertive, yet she is open and friendly,
with a gift of humor that appeals to those who seek her sage guidance. The fact that Beth has
been involved in the issues of the water district for some years is a boon to all of us. I truly
cannot think of another person who would be a better choice for our water district than Beth

Beth is a solid long time Valley resident who has been involved in a host of community projects
that benefited both her family and neighborhood. Raising a wonderful family of loving children
with her husband, Mark, Beth is the epitome of a perfect non-political, political candidate.
I am honored to recommend Beth Thomas and strongly urge you to consider voting for Beth
Thomas and Lew Farris when you receive your voter’s ballot.

David D. Weiss, Felton

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