Letters: Beth Thomas and Lew Farris Stand Out

I am among an overwhelming majority who voted for change in the 2018 SLV water district election. The
two areas that needed a drastic turnaround were in financial oversight and setting policy; both required
to set the district back in the right direction. We as a community greatly benefited when we elected a
new board who took these duties seriously, resulting in the reserves and mindset ready to take on the
major system rebuilding ahead.

In looking at candidates for this year’s election, I’m concerned we do not get caught up in the short
horizon or elect those who may fall back to the well-worn path of higher rates as the sole answer to
everything. In keeping with the public will and momentum of 2018, it’s clear the most valuable
qualifications are an unwavering commitment to in-depth oversight of finances and firm direction, with
the dynamic vision needed to keep our water district focused, healthy and affordable for everyone.
With that vision in mind two candidates stand out miles ahead, Beth Thomas and Lew Farris. Both are
well-known from years of service locally, but most importantly, through their deep roots here know the
people, businesses and heart of our community and understand what it takes to be our public
representatives. Both bring powerful skills needed in a Director: Lew his astute science-based analytical
skills as he’s served as a board appointee, and Beth her proven administrative and financial oversight
capabilities in our local school district and while serving as citizen chair of the water district facilities

This year it is critical that we fill board seats with those who know us and honor our community’s vision.
To continue on that exciting path of change blazed in 2018, please vote for Beth Thomas and Lew Farris.

Debra Loewen, Lompico Canyon

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