Within These Walls at Quail Hollow Ranch Park

Do you enjoy looking through old buildings learning about their stories? Join Park Docent, Richard James, on a tour through the Quail Hollow Ranch house. Learn about its history from the Watermelon King to Sun-Kissed Ranch, Sunset Magazine, and beyond. This informative tour will give you the opportunity to find out about four of the families who made the ranch… Read More
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Remembering the White Cockade Scottish Pub: Recipes, Photos, and Recollections

One Hundred Thousand Welcomes! A Legendary Boulder Creek Watering Hole Remembered. By Julie Horner In days past, anyone traveling deep in the forest along Upper Highway 9 in Boulder Creek might spot The White Cockade Scottish Pub biding beside the roadway with its front door painted bright blue and emblazoned with a white X, the Saltire, representing the St. Andrews… Read More
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Chinese Pioneers: Exhibit at Belardi Gallery in Felton

Contributed by the San Lorenzo Valley Museum Now through November 12, visitors can view a temporary exhibit titled Chinese Pioneers: Power and Politics in Exclusion Era Photographs at the Faye G. Belardi Memorial Gallery in Felton. This exhibition explores the social, political, and judicial disenfranchisement of Chinese Californians — as well as moments of Chinese agency and resilience — in… Read More
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A History of the Founding of Felton Covered Bridge Park

By Lisa Robinson Imagine driving into Felton across the covered bridge. Before 1938, that was the county road. Signs, attached to the bridge, cautioned drivers of vehicles over 10 tons. “Every time a heavily loaded truck crosses the covered bridge it gets spooky. It creaks, and groans and acts like it was about to pass all in.” But that all… Read More
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Pages of Time: Ben Lomond Library an Overlooked Treasure

By Julie Horner and Ronnie Trubek When was the last time you took a stroll on historic Mill Street in Ben Lomond? The short stretch of byway that runs parallel to the San Lorenzo River is home to Ben Lomond Market, Sew Rose, painted Bermuda pink on the corner, and Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center. Several other small businesses line… Read More
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China Grade and the Chinese in Boulder Creek | Local History

by Lisa Robinson Between 1884 and 1885, Winfield Scott Rodgers, brother of Charles Campbell Rodgers who founded the Mountain Echo Newspaper, built a road from his timber claim on the headwaters of Boulder Creek, to the county road at the “Sequoia settlement.” Initially about two and a half miles long and costing $1,500, Rodgers built the road with “three hired… Read More
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Streetwise: George Fetherston and the Felton Heritage Tree

By Lisa Robinson Have you ever thought about how the street where you live got its name? In the Streetwise column, we look at street names in the San Lorenzo Valley and explore the history hidden in their names.  Fetherston Way just off Felton Empire Road is named for George Arthur Fetherston. His father was William John Fetherstonhaugh an Irishman… Read More