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Only in the Santa Cruz Mountains: The Sawmill Sasquatch Commercial

There have been reported sightings of Sasquatch in the Santa Cruz Mountains for many years. Some claim to have seen glimpses of the large, hairy creature while hiking or camping in remote woods. Recently, locals found Sasquatch in broad daylight on our main thoroughfare participating in a commercial shoot for the popular Sawmill Restaurant & Alehouse in Boulder Creek. Aaron Bruski and Nicky Gaston produced the commercial. And SLV Steve was on site to capture the event. 

Aaron Bruski and Nicky Gaston filming JR. Roy as Sasquatch

The Sawmill Sasquatch Commercial

By Nicky Gaston

The concept of a commercial for local Sawmill Restaurant and Alehouse had been lingering for a bit too long and it finally was time to make it happen! After scripting out the video shoot and coordinating a day that works without rain, we gathered a group of friends to get the job done. With JR. Roy as SLV’s staple sasquatch, Aaron Bruski as master videographer and motion design extraordinaire, and the great help from local photographer, SLV Steve, we began shooting early morning of May 19th.

Sasquatch and Deputy Daryl Kriner grab a selfie

The shoot began with the initial video of Sasquatch roaming the redwood forest when suddenly smelling something delicious from down the street. This footage was starting to look amazing and it was difficult to focus while we were laughing non stop with each take. The next shot consisted of Sasquatch leaving the forest and heading over to the Sawmill and this was when we started having multiple folks including the local Sheriffs pull over to get a photo with the legend himself!

Sasquatch arrives at The Sawmill for a tasty burger

We wrapped up the day with Sasquatch quashing his hunger over at The Sawmill with a delicious, double patty burger with all the fixins. This was such a wonderful day to get out with good friends and finally shoot the video. We plan to release this commercial very soon with the launch of our new double patty, Squatch burger. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved in the making, the amazing Tranchita family and all the wonderful workers at the restaurant. 

The campaign launches on Friday, June 14. View it now on YouTube at

Nicky Gaston is a Creative Design Lead specializing in brand identity design, illustration, & typography. Follow on Instagram at @nickygaston.

Photos by SLV Steve


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