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Chanterelles with Roasted Garlic & Fig

By Alison Steele Barter is big amongst the gardeners, foragers, beekeepers, artisans, and musicians here. We’ve already embraced the fact that we need each other, especially in the wintertime when pockets of sunlight are few and far between. In order to vibrate on a higher level and keep our hives warm we must rely on winter bearing fruit trees like… Read More
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The Warm Colors of Winter

By Josh Reilly December is upon us and with it, the hot-colored Holiday blooms of Amaryllis. These bulbs are often stashed in a cool, dark spot and potted in October or November. Those from in the Southern Hemisphere will flower this month, and February and March, for bulbs from the Northern Hemisphere (often the Netherlands). December blooming buds should be… Read More
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Understanding Regional Water Resource Management Challenges

By Mark Dolson In my September column, “A Perspective on the SLV Water District and the SLV,” I wrote about three distinct arenas in which we need the San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD) to function effectively: (1) routine business operations, (2) regional water resource management, and (3) community engagement and support. This month I want to dive deeper into… Read More
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Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and the San Vicente Redwoods Preserve

A portion of the public trail system at the San Vicente Redwoods Preserve opened on December 3. The Preserve is a collaborative effort between a dedicated network of land preservation groups and the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band — also called “Ohlone” — whose ancestors were the original inhabitants. According to the Amah Mutsun Land Trust, “All lineages comprising the ‘Amah… Read More
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Boulder Creek Brewery Update

Owner Joe Wolff has convened an unofficial group of trades advisors to offer suggestions for renovations to the Boulder Creek Brewery building. Obstacles to overcome include downtown septic challenges and resolution of outstanding permitting issues. Wolff purchased the property last year. Read Julie Horner’s account from December 2021 at Pictured above Wolff and a group of supporters survey the… Read More