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County Stay-at-Home Order in Effect 12/17

REGIONAL STAY-AT-HOME ORDER IN EFFECT TOMORROW County of Santa Cruz Press Release: To preserve critical ICU capacity and protect the health and safety of residents, the remaining Bay Area Region counties, including Santa Cruz County, will implement the Regional Stay-at- Home Order based on data released by the state showing ICU capacity has fallen below the threshold for implementation. The… Read More
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Governor Newsom Issues Regional Stay-At-Home Order

Due to increasing cases of COVID-19 Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered non-essential travel to be restricted for 3 weeks for regions with less than 15% ICU capacity. Gatherings of any size will be prohibited, the order closes many businesses except for critical infrastructure and retail, and requires enforced mask-wearing and social/physical distancing. Retail would be limited to 20% capacity, take… Read More
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Closer Together, Further Apart

It might be the understatement of the decade to say that things have been turned upside down lately. In a few short weeks, our lives have been drastically altered by a potentially deadly new disease, and rapid social and economic upheaval has jolted everyone out of their routines. Terms like “shelter in place” and “social distancing" have entered the lexicon,... Read More