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Elderflower Soda

By Alison Steele The elderberry tree (Sambucus nigra) is native and to both Virginia and California. It waves its abundant white flowers in processions along mountain roads and stands watch in the corners of cultivated gardens in early to mid summer. My mother’s Mennonite Community cookbook, from 1950, offers recipes for pies, jams, jellies, vinegars, cordials, and wine including this… Read More
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Roasted Artichokes with Sage Blossoms and Lemon Balm

By Alison Steele If you’ve been following along, you’ll notice that I love harvesting edible flowers to flavor our food. Reeling us in with color, then aroma, and capturing our taste buds with the melding of essential oils, flowering herbs are a complex flavor addition to any meal. Continuing the edible flower theme, this week’s recipe is nothing short of… Read More
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Recipes from a Mountain Garden: Wild Blackberry and Beetroot Skillet Cake

By Alison Steele When February comes to an end, I start dreaming of the garden. The collards, kales, lettuces, and herbs are thriving, but the thought of round plump fruits and vegetables keep me pulling my seedbox down and fingering the envelopes of home-saved seeds of summer last. I start to notice the new spring crops in Wild Roots Market…… Read More
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Alison Steele: Recipes from a Mountain Garden

New columnist alert! Alison Steele is on deck bringing us delicious home cooking inspired by her Boulder Creek organic garden. A Virginia transplant from 2003, Alison lives with her husband, two children, and cat in downtown Boulder Creek where she raises quail, chickens, fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. On the weekends she teaches reskilling workshops in her garden including knitting,… Read More
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Glogg and Pebernodder

By Marielle Martin Traditional Scandinavian Christmas Fare  Since ancient times, Scandinavian midwinter celebrations have centered around Norse and Pagan rituals of bringing warmth, joy, and light to the community to counter the darkness and cold of the season. Once Christianity was established in the region in the 11th century those traditions began to be called Christmas, but many practices continued.  … Read More