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Commentary: Support for Resolution Against PG&E

Your speedy endorsement action is needed to support the proposal of Supervisor Bruce McPherson and Ryan Coonerty: ‘Resolution to support the County of Santa Cruz Filing a Formal Complaint Against PG&E with the CPUC’

Your response of support will show your PG&E tree removal concerns to the Board of Supervisors. PG&E has applied tree removal methods that are investigated by CalFire and Calif. Coastal Commission because the methods are endangering San Lorenzo Valley(SLV) residents’ life, the environment and violate the law.

Your ACTION is needed by 4:00 pm, Monday, December 7th:

Email the Board of Supervisors ( with THIS EXACT SUBJECT LINE: Support for Resolution Against PG&E. Then, say this exactly (cut and paste): “I strongly support the Resolution to support the County of Santa Cruz Filing a Formal Complaint Against PG&E with the CPUC, as proposed by Supervisors McPherson and Coonerty.

Important note: Keeping the exact SUBJECT line and the exact above message will enable all Supervisors’ staffers to tally the support quickly without reading each and every separate email during the meeting.

Or, call the Board of Supervisors at 831/454-2200 with the same message.

If you have a story you want to share about your experience, to illustrate the importance of the Board taking these actions, you are urged to write about that too, of course! Please consider attending the Board of Supervisors’ Meeting at 1:30 this coming Tuesday, December 8th, to tell your story.

We thank you for your prompt actions on this PG&E matter, which has been the strong focus of the Valley Women’s Environmental Committee on behalf of the SLV.

View the PG&E Board Letter and Resolution for further info.

Valley Women’s Club of the San Lorenzo Valley
Ben Lomond, CA

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